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My cats decided to help with my art…


The other day while working with inks on paper, just creating experimental splashes and the likes, the cats decided to help and so became stamps of sorts.

Here is Ben modelling his impression of Picasso.

20131026_115359 20131026_115420 20131026_115506


So as a poor student I am of course helpful for all help I can get and my pets were certainly helpful and I think paw prints will be used again. Also I have discovered a washing line is a very good way of drying my work if I don’t mind it running a bit.

20131026_115519 20131026_115522


Uralnature jewellery


Uralnature is a fabulous etsy shop that creates globes and cabochons that use real flora.

I have experimented with resin before and it can be a messy, time consuming challenge (plus good ventilation is essential!)

I think I would like to try something similar to this and I think I shall try it this weekend.il_570xN.438989108_cmti il_570xN.500012750_qbln real moss necklace uralnature