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Harpys Emporium: A treasure trove of Handmade Crafts and Geekery!

 Harpys Emporium  is run by Lauren Challenor, Ebz Howson and Charlie Powell. It was initially the Harpy’s Nest and run by Lauren during university initially as a way to pour out creative goodness to reflect her love of all things geek ranging from gaming, manga, comics, film, television etc. She then teamed up with Ebz from Grinning Cat Emporium and Charlie from Badge Leopard Together they make a wide range of goods and accessories such as;

– Keyrings
– Necklaces
– Charm and Fabric Bracelets
– Pokemon Gym Badge Pins
– Metal Pins
– Phone cases
– Badges
– Stickers
– Magnets
These goods reflect their combined love of various fandoms, and on top of what is quite a brilliant collection they also do requests,  so if you aren’t completely overwhelmed and distracted by the range and unable to find something (which is highly unlikely) you can get it custom made, and to boot, they are very reasonably and competitively priced, and there is literally something for every budget. This is a stall that reflects the student background of those who run it and as such won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
I came across them at the Belfast MCM Comic Con and their stall was rightfully busy. I couldn’t really get to appreciate it until the Sunday as the first day of the Belfast Comic Con was too packed to really get the time to absorb all there was to see. I suggest that the second day of a Comic Con event might be the best chance you have to really get to explore their stall, it deserves the time to really be explored.
After much deliberation, I ended up getting my sister a Hunger Games bracelet and Pin which she hasn’t taken off since and made her the envy of her friends.
There was one item I saw that I was particularly taken with, and this photo is thanks to their facebook:
This is the perfect accessory for any Loki fangirl, it was a shame that the ring in question was too big for my finger. I still regret not getting it though as I feel as my health improves I might actually fit it.
their products are perfect to give to friends as gifts, not only are they made by other fans, so they are imbued with their passion that would rival your friends reaction upon receipt of the item, but they are also great to gift to yourself. It isn’t selfish, think of it as an act of self care, and whats not to love about a Game of Thrones bracelet:
in a similar vein to the events following my sisters demonstration of her bracelet to her friends, I kind of wish I had indulged in a Game of Thrones bracelet almost as a tribute to my work on that series as an extra.
However, funds are a limiting factor, especially at Comic Con, but mainly after visiting this stall (as you will want EVERYTHING!) , the queue for the ATM was shocking, thankfully due to my priority ticket I could nip out to an atm at a local petrol station and skip the queue on my return. if you aren’t as lucky to have a priority ticket, bring plenty of money in advance and keep it hidden and safe.
Also, their stall, while also a highlight of any Comic Con is an affordable haven for any Pokemon fan, they use upcycling techniques to recycle pokemon cards into pendants and charms. Meaning your deck of cards can in effect still be with you but in a more unusual way with a novel twist. For any die-hard fan’s there are also gym badges available!
due the wide range that they offer, there is more than one way to fly the flag of geekdom and share and express your passion.
As a group of fans they have put their love into the creation of these products, and this makes them more special than any mass produced product. They create what they believe in and want it to reflect their love of the fandom and so the items are produced to the highest standards and quality.
This was without a doubt the best stall there all weekend.
To paraphrase Loki, they are burdened with  a glorious purpose to bring geek-tastic goods to the masses.


Frances Wadsworth-Jones is an artist who has recently created a fabulous collection of jewellery inspired by pigeon droppings that she has named ‘heaven sent’ based on the idea that a pigeon dropping can be seen as lucky.

She is turning what is seen as disgusting and not something you would want on your person into something that is actually quite attractive. it is an interesting take on it, with surrealist overtones and reminiscent of my recent trip to Barcelona where I looked closer at the works of Dali.

Victoria Contreras – Laser Cut Artist


Victoria Contreras – I choose this artist as I really like her work. I’ve always been interested in word play, but it is the conversion of words into jewellery is an interesting notion and I would like to try this myself with some of my favourite quotes. I also like the fact that it is quite intricate and can appear as if no words are there until closer inspection.

mfunambule mapril mamour

Rachel Ducker


Rachel Ducker is an artist who creates beautiful sculptures out of wire as well as wire line drawings. She also creates jewellery and has made items for Thom Yorke.

her site also includes a few samples of her drawings and paintings which it is obvious she uses as a point of reference for some of her work. I need to follow her example and do more working out for my work in future and I like the fact that she is very versatile with various mediums.

Her wire line art reminds me of Picasso cubism and the sculptures show the elegance of human movement with the sculpture that is half in the ground is suggestive of how humans despite modernisation are always close to nature to some extent.

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Uralnature jewellery


Uralnature is a fabulous etsy shop that creates globes and cabochons that use real flora.

I have experimented with resin before and it can be a messy, time consuming challenge (plus good ventilation is essential!)

I think I would like to try something similar to this and I think I shall try it this weekend.il_570xN.438989108_cmti il_570xN.500012750_qbln real moss necklace uralnature



I was inspired by THIS…

I do actually have a mini microwaveable kiln at home that has yet to be used and upon researching artists and their jewellery I found the site via an image in google images.

the image reminded me of macro photos by Eckhard Völcker which helped to inspire my theme of science to tag along with the that provided by the tech of concealed within, so concealed within science and looking at things on a microscopic level.

I like the idea that you could be looking at a pretty pattern and not realise that it is the blown up version of something microscopic that would be considered ugly when viewed in full or be used trivially as a pattern when really it is the image of the building block of some vital organ.