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Printmaking and Photoshop.


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Photogram manipulation


I had a lot of fun in the dark room, where i created lots of images from objects and paper I cut into shapes to make images such as these

1234628_10152047457985202_73613278_n 1455948_10152047457640202_1292011171_n 1467413_10152047457880202_500807043_n


I then imported the images into photoshop and had a look at including them into my images as well as altering the photograms themselves

1455948_10152047457640202_1292011171_nbb 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_hhn 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_nee 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_new 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_news 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_njj1479275_744966kk452197837_383468277_new jack 1479275_7449664mm52197837_383468277_new jack 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_new jacnk 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_ninew jack 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_nnew jack 1479275_744966452197837kk_383468277_new jack



I missed a class due to health and so had to play catch up. I paired up with a class mate and we combined our themes to make a quick sketch to turn into a print.

We painted it onto tracing paper and then made out screen for our silk screen printing!

1474426_744966838864465_1069342119_n 1476071_744966928864456_982884143_n


it was simple, but it was really just for experimenting with.

First up we prepared a few pages and fabrics to print onto.


which we then printed onto…


this created a fabulous print that I’m rather proud of.



At the same time I was messing about with photoshop and so I manipulated the prints by either adding quotes

religions and science


or a random cow…

cow on print