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My Cubicle AKA my art room away from home




so my cubicle so far comes complete with a shelf, curtain, table, chair and a large piece of paper folded to form a ‘wall pocket’ for scrap material

DSCF1846 DSCF1847

It has within it a clip on black veil I’m working on, the top of which is a bow and which has a newspaper rose and will have depressing words embroidered through it in wool. I sort of developed it from the idea of the advert about mental health where people remove their masks as the end of the day and reveal how they really feel.

The idea with this is that it is there, trailing after the person. It is a part of them, but not all of them.



I made a fashion mood board to predict the fashion of spring/summer 2014 and it adorns one wall.

DSCF1849 DSCF1850 DSCF1851 DSCF1852 DSCF1853 DSCF1854

I love cross stitch so along the top of my cubicle there are some of my small samples. As well as (pictured below) some of my 3d sculpture samples.


DSCF1855 DSCF1857

Randomly stuck to one wall is an experiment in couch and stitching ribbon to cotton.


as well as a random monoprint and some crocheted granny squares attached by left over thread.



The Paper sculpture is based off the idea of atomic structure and when perfected will hopefully not only look like it does above but actually stay where it has been placed instead of falling down.



printing making samples also line the walls to add a splash of colour






the shelf store my wire work trials (including my investigation into fluffy wire!)



Finally I have a large pencil drawn outline of a model pose for fashion drawing with the head levels marked as a quick reference guide while working. (I stuck  on a paper witch hat as Halloween is near)





i’ve tried wire sculpture, and paper sculpture so now I’m trying my hand at fluffy wire sculpture! these two will be complete when I add some eyes.

Fiona Campbell


Fiona Campbell is a UK based artist originally from Kenya. A lot of her work is wire based from her own drawings and tends to stay close to the themes of flora and fauna.

I quite like the idea of using her work to inspire miniaturised versions of some of the wire work by crocheting wire to create similar examples of her wire birds nests, possibly completing them with beads to act as eggs to create pendants and earrings.

Again like other artists I can see the re-occurrence of developmental work before the final piece. This is an area I need to work on.

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image

Laura Antebi


Laura Antebi is a UK based wire work artist taking inspiration from her travels around the world to capture the movement, spontaneity and spirtual nature of the animals and the natural world.

Using recycled metals and numerous metalwork processes she create her sculptures, I admire her for her use of recycled metal as this makes her work more environmentally stable/friendly and in a world where we waste a lot and I know a lot of paper can get binned as scraps if not used up in a collage as an art student, this is an important message to all future budding artists.

unlike some wire sculptures, Laura does incorporate colour sometimes for example with the Zebra and its black and white stripes as well as using other metal structures which advances further the use of wire alone.

I especially like how her sculptures despite their permanent static nature do in fact seem to replicate movement caught in a moment of time.

004 010 014 032 322

Rachel Ducker


Rachel Ducker is an artist who creates beautiful sculptures out of wire as well as wire line drawings. She also creates jewellery and has made items for Thom Yorke.

her site also includes a few samples of her drawings and paintings which it is obvious she uses as a point of reference for some of her work. I need to follow her example and do more working out for my work in future and I like the fact that she is very versatile with various mediums.

Her wire line art reminds me of Picasso cubism and the sculptures show the elegance of human movement with the sculpture that is half in the ground is suggestive of how humans despite modernisation are always close to nature to some extent.

homepageimage img (1) img (2) img (3) img (4) img (5) img (6) img (7) img (8) img (9) img (10) img

Elizabeth Berrien


Elizabeth Berrien aka Wire Lady is a UK based wire artist. Her work ranges from simplistic to more complicated and this for me shows that she is an all rounded artist in her medium which is something I want to endeavour to achieve. While a lot of her work is based on animals she has a range inspired by maps, people and plants as well.

If you do check out her site keep an eye out for a wire work unicorn.

beeab cat15 globe1c kangpaw1 runphotd Sierra Exif JPEG

She also has a nice wee tutorial on Wire Sculpture HERE

Helaina Sharpley


Helaina Sharpley is a UK based wire artist.

A lot of her work is tea based and her recent venture into wire work inspired by Edwardian architecture is as the artist admits herself more of an extension of her tea drinking obsession that shines through in her work.

I like her work but can’t say I’m overwhelmed and in love  because her work is quite limited in that it is mainly tea based. However her recent branching out into architecture based wire work bodes well for the future but isn’t as kitsch as her mainly tea based works.

My theme for my current unit of work is science so I can’t see how I could link tea based sculpture to it, but I do want to see if I can create something inspired by her work

helaina-sharpley-000041~s600x600 primrose-cups-and-hooks-clo~s600x600 saqui-detail~s600x600 spottydottycupsandhooks~s600x600