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Photogram manipulation


I had a lot of fun in the dark room, where i created lots of images from objects and paper I cut into shapes to make images such as these

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I then imported the images into photoshop and had a look at including them into my images as well as altering the photograms themselves

1455948_10152047457640202_1292011171_nbb 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_hhn 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_nee 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_new 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_news 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_njj1479275_744966kk452197837_383468277_new jack 1479275_7449664mm52197837_383468277_new jack 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_new jacnk 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_ninew jack 1479275_744966452197837_383468277_nnew jack 1479275_744966452197837kk_383468277_new jack


Bert Simons – Paper Craft Artist


Bert Simons is an artist from the Netherlands who has used Blender to create 3d models of his figures to create realistic paper replicas of real people.

If you check out his anatomy head there is even a link to download a pdf so you can try it yourself! (Though it would take ALOT of cutting and sticking)

his creations are amazing in their attention to detail. They are intricate and yet not due to their large nature. They seem bold and with some you can see their geometrical qualities giving the reality of these figures an almost robotic quality

89 (1) 91 1280x1024-20081202t150757_w250_h374_thumb 20070301t121126_1 bertsimon_3 bert-simons (5)[12] bert-simons (11)[7] bert-simons (13)[8]

Fashion photography


I’ve been researching photographers and fashion photographers. I really enjoy a kitsch vintage style and so in the process of my research stumbled on these gems


cecil beaton for vogu 40s marisa berenson richard avedon 66

Cecil Beaton for Vogue 1940s and Marisa Berenson by Richard Avedon 1966


richard avedon harpers bazaar 57 veronica hamel as winter 65 bert stern vogue


Richard Avedon for Harpers Bazaar 1957 and Veronica Hamel as Winter 1965