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I made a paper Spock based off of a Star Trek: TOS Mirror Mirror poster I have. I plan to attach it to a large A1 sheet that i’ve created a random pattern/image on from drawing inks. I think I will attach a quote (I am very tempted to cross fandoms, and throw in a Star Wars quote out of badness!)


Print work mixed with papercraft


I decided that as part of my work with prints I wanted to try and mix it up a little and so I took a picture from an advert and used up some of my scraps of printed paper. While doing this I also had plain coloured card underneath so I could do the cutting out once instead of twice and this was the result.

DSCF1963 DSCF1965 DSCF1966


Once the paper craft bug had struck I kept going and with the aid of a book on paper craft was inspired to make the following.



It now takes pride of place amongst my paper craft research in my personal response book. it was very fiddly to complete. I had hoped to use the leftover pieces that were cut out for a contrasting piece but it wasn’t possible this time.

My Cubicle AKA my art room away from home




so my cubicle so far comes complete with a shelf, curtain, table, chair and a large piece of paper folded to form a ‘wall pocket’ for scrap material

DSCF1846 DSCF1847

It has within it a clip on black veil I’m working on, the top of which is a bow and which has a newspaper rose and will have depressing words embroidered through it in wool. I sort of developed it from the idea of the advert about mental health where people remove their masks as the end of the day and reveal how they really feel.

The idea with this is that it is there, trailing after the person. It is a part of them, but not all of them.



I made a fashion mood board to predict the fashion of spring/summer 2014 and it adorns one wall.

DSCF1849 DSCF1850 DSCF1851 DSCF1852 DSCF1853 DSCF1854

I love cross stitch so along the top of my cubicle there are some of my small samples. As well as (pictured below) some of my 3d sculpture samples.


DSCF1855 DSCF1857

Randomly stuck to one wall is an experiment in couch and stitching ribbon to cotton.


as well as a random monoprint and some crocheted granny squares attached by left over thread.



The Paper sculpture is based off the idea of atomic structure and when perfected will hopefully not only look like it does above but actually stay where it has been placed instead of falling down.



printing making samples also line the walls to add a splash of colour






the shelf store my wire work trials (including my investigation into fluffy wire!)



Finally I have a large pencil drawn outline of a model pose for fashion drawing with the head levels marked as a quick reference guide while working. (I stuck  on a paper witch hat as Halloween is near)

Sharon Krulak – Torn Paper Art


Sharon Krulak is an american torn paper artist, who generally create images of still life, flowers and animals. (I quite liked her images of flowers)

I was reading her artist statement when I was struck by this, ‘There are words and phrases in some of the text of the papers that seem to magically appear as the torn bits are placed on the image personalizing and enhancing the interest of the collage.’

the interesting thing with torn paper is that no work can ever truly be replicated, you can copy the style and imagery but the actual work is a very individual and sometimes incredibly personal affair with certain words hidden within the image that will be profound to some and not to others.

48 54 58 59 101 142 151

Bert Simons – Paper Craft Artist


Bert Simons is an artist from the Netherlands who has used Blender to create 3d models of his figures to create realistic paper replicas of real people.

If you check out his anatomy head there is even a link to download a pdf so you can try it yourself! (Though it would take ALOT of cutting and sticking)

his creations are amazing in their attention to detail. They are intricate and yet not due to their large nature. They seem bold and with some you can see their geometrical qualities giving the reality of these figures an almost robotic quality

89 (1) 91 1280x1024-20081202t150757_w250_h374_thumb 20070301t121126_1 bertsimon_3 bert-simons (5)[12] bert-simons (11)[7] bert-simons (13)[8]

Kaylen False


Kaylen False is an american based student/artist. The work below is called the Dawn Treader

I personally would have to work up the courage to do that to a book! but it is something I want to do. As you can see she has incorporated quilling into her paper sculpture which creates a fabulous wave like pattern. For me the twists and turns are almost mythical and I find they add a magical element to most works.