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besides Dali in the Dali Museum…


There was an alcove near the end of the trek round the museum in which another artists work was hidden. I assume this is a temporary exhibition, but the works there was quite interesting to look at, the use of colour varied with some presenting as far more colourful and textured from others.

Matt Lamb’s works made me wonder if I have chosen the right pathway choices at tech, and Dali made me debate taking Jewellery back on as well. But I think if their art can make me think and reflect more closely on my on artistic pathway then this can only be a good thing and lead to greater advances on my part.

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studying abstract in history of art…


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so to get a ‘feel’ of abstract we were basically let loose with supplies and varying mediums on which to use them from mdf to card to newspaper. It was a lot of fun. My favourite is the one I did with drawing inks and glue which some people say reminds them of a field of violets which I was really pleased about!

Print work


I got some off cuts of lino (lots of places get rid of these by dumping them, so they are free to get if you ask nicely!)


and after a quick clean down with baby wipes to get rid of the dirt etc I used the back of this lino to draw out some ideas for print work.


using a craft knife I cut in round the lines I had drawn out, the problem with this is that while I could get paint/ink into the grooves it doesnt really print as it should.

So, with proper lino cutting tools I made a much bigger version!


I did a few other experiments and used a scrap of lino to do a quick sample of all the different cutters I have to see the different effects and make notes onto the lino round these samples for my personal reflection book.

The main issue with the above lino cut, other than the fact that when i tried to print I clearly made enough of an impression on the lino as I would have wanted to get all the detail, is that it is very tough as I found out to my peril and is how I found out the importance of health and safety.



this was it initially, it was much more messy after as blood got everywhere and I couldn’t get it to stop and it ran down my arm, down my clothes and across everything and freaked out my brother. I’m going to see about a tetanus shot tomorrow as I can’t remember when my last one was.

My cats decided to help with my art…


The other day while working with inks on paper, just creating experimental splashes and the likes, the cats decided to help and so became stamps of sorts.

Here is Ben modelling his impression of Picasso.

20131026_115359 20131026_115420 20131026_115506


So as a poor student I am of course helpful for all help I can get and my pets were certainly helpful and I think paw prints will be used again. Also I have discovered a washing line is a very good way of drying my work if I don’t mind it running a bit.

20131026_115519 20131026_115522

Russ Mills


Russ Mills not to be mistaken with another british artist Russell Mills.

Russ Mills work is a mix of classical to pop surrealism. he  focuses mainly on the human figure with areas taken from nature and animals and converged as one image. Covering subjects such as superficiality and isolation he also delves into more socio-political statements in his work.

I really love his work for the mix of photorealism with abstract. There is something intimate and personal about the pictures as you view them, as if their personality of the figure is bursting forth from them.








Vincent Van Gogh


There is currently an exhibition on in the Eykyn Maclean Gallery in central London, until 29 November 2013 (which if I had the money I’d go to) This exhibition shows the transition of Van Gogh’s works from his more dark, Dutch works to his expressive brush strokes such as those showcased in Starry Night and the use of much brighter colours. The exhibition claims this was a result of his brief period in Paris between 1886 and 1888. The video I’ve linked covers not only Van Gogh’s work, but those who influenced him and is an interesting delving into this period of art.

it also has an interesting look into pointillism and its influence on him, although he had his own take on it, such as dots and strokes in one colour which while not pure pointillism shows an influence of this movement.

Japanese Prints had a huge influence on artists of this period and Van Gogh was not immune. his future works showing the influence of this period, with impressionist style skies and a nod to pointillism with his dash and strokes of his brush but also his full embrace of more colour in his work.

Vincent Van Gogh – how did he find colour?