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silhouette cameo…


I got my new machine in an Amazon UK flash sale… i figured in the long run it would be better than a die cut machine which i’d be constantly be buying dies for and at least with this I can design my own stuff.

however so far it hasnt been as simple as that… the mat is sticky and so far means a lot of my stuff cuts fabulously but doesnt come off the mat very well…

but i think i’m going to experiment a bit more and see what it can do, as I want to try using fabric that i’ve applied bondaweb to to then apply to my quilt pieces.

my initial plan is to create pieces which can be seen to burst out of a book 😀



Victoria Contreras – Laser Cut Artist


Victoria Contreras – I choose this artist as I really like her work. I’ve always been interested in word play, but it is the conversion of words into jewellery is an interesting notion and I would like to try this myself with some of my favourite quotes. I also like the fact that it is quite intricate and can appear as if no words are there until closer inspection.

mfunambule mapril mamour