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William Scott


I went to the William Scott exhibition in the Ulster museum the other day. I took a few sneaky pictures (ok so I took 3…)

DSCF1979 DSCF1980 DSCF1981

it was good, as photography isnt allowed, I decided to do a few brief sketches. Nothing fancy more like vague outlines, but during this I was approached and asked if it was ok to film me for their youtube video. I’ve not seen it yet, but they have a video up about the exhibtion opening

My drawings were very basic and my version of the Hare and the Candle I feel is a bit ‘overdone’ as to be filmed I had to go back over my sketch which at that point had been finished and the dark edge and legs of the table were added. I was quite pleased regardless with my work.

DSCF2143 DSCF2144 DSCF2145

I noticed that as time progressed he moved from portraiture to more abstract and still life works, with more colour eventually being added to this art, although I feel blue features dominantly in  a lot of the work featured at the exhibition as he moved from more bland colours used in his abstract work to a mix of dark colours with blue and one work literally ablaze with red and oranges.

a few quick sketches…


I spent today sitting in a+e as a relative was ill, during this time I decided to do some quick drawings. Most of them are unfinished and it was much more difficult than I had anticipated it would be as when people don’t realise you are drawing them they tend to move!

I thought while in the waiting room that it would be ideal as some people were very ‘still’ as they watched tv, but once pencil touched paper they moved and their original position was altered and it made it very hard, hence why i’ve only included two of them.

they were done quickly, so they aren’t of a standard I’m happy with, they aren’t even finished, because as soon as i started to get going we got called to triage or to CT etc.

I think the old woman turned out quite cartoon like, but with more practice this will improve. I also felt the figures seemed somewhat foreshortened.

However, despite all this I can see areas for improvement and this can only be a good thing.

DSCF1789 DSCF1791