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Rob and Nick Carter – Digital Art


Rob and Nick Carter have done an interesting world first. For 3 hours you can watch a picture change and alter in relation to its theme. In this case, that of a dead frog. Every detail was done individually so if you look closely enough you can see how each maggot is an individual protagonist to the piece. This form of art brings a different kind of realism to the piece that photorealism only comes close to.

The whole process reminded me of the idea of moving images in portraits and photos in the world of Harry Potter which allowed the images to not only resemble the persona painted physically but also in their personality.

This type of work takes time to view if it is to be truly appreciated and as such immerses you in the world around you by showing you what is always there but which you may not notice due to the fast paced nature of how we live today.


Rob and Nick Carter – Video in which they explain their work in their own words.

Dead Frog with Flies by Dutch artist Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger – The Digital Version by Rob and Nick Carter


Vincent Van Gogh


There is currently an exhibition on in the Eykyn Maclean Gallery in central London, until 29 November 2013 (which if I had the money I’d go to) This exhibition shows the transition of Van Gogh’s works from his more dark, Dutch works to his expressive brush strokes such as those showcased in Starry Night and the use of much brighter colours. The exhibition claims this was a result of his brief period in Paris between 1886 and 1888. The video I’ve linked covers not only Van Gogh’s work, but those who influenced him and is an interesting delving into this period of art.

it also has an interesting look into pointillism and its influence on him, although he had his own take on it, such as dots and strokes in one colour which while not pure pointillism shows an influence of this movement.

Japanese Prints had a huge influence on artists of this period and Van Gogh was not immune. his future works showing the influence of this period, with impressionist style skies and a nod to pointillism with his dash and strokes of his brush but also his full embrace of more colour in his work.

Vincent Van Gogh – how did he find colour?