So I had an interview…


I had my first university interview this week since I reapplied for university on my year out/potential end of this university chapter in Jordanstown.

It went quite well I think, I spent all day travelling (mostly on the train). I left at 7am and arrived in Derry for 11.30, getting a taxi to Magee campus, and then it was interview time!

however, it wasnt just as simple as that, the train was actually 2 trains, I had to drive to the train station as it is miles from home and then the taxi driver was only on his second day so surprisingly didnt know how to go where I needed to go and so asked for directions.

Despite the slight initial fiasco of the taxi drivers skills as he is new to the job, he was a complete gentleman and checked the building was correct before leaving me off as it was raining and he wanted me to look well for my interview and not be impersonating a drenched rat struggling with an A1 portfolio.

The interview went really well (I think) I really enjoyed it, and hearing about the course as it is a new course and so those in it’s first year will in effect shape it.

hopefully I shall hear soon as to how it went from the POV of the university.


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