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silhouette cameo…


I got my new machine in an Amazon UK flash sale… i figured in the long run it would be better than a die cut machine which i’d be constantly be buying dies for and at least with this I can design my own stuff.

however so far it hasnt been as simple as that… the mat is sticky and so far means a lot of my stuff cuts fabulously but doesnt come off the mat very well…

but i think i’m going to experiment a bit more and see what it can do, as I want to try using fabric that i’ve applied bondaweb to to then apply to my quilt pieces.

my initial plan is to create pieces which can be seen to burst out of a book 😀



So I had an interview…


I had my first university interview this week since I reapplied for university on my year out/potential end of this university chapter in Jordanstown.

It went quite well I think, I spent all day travelling (mostly on the train). I left at 7am and arrived in Derry for 11.30, getting a taxi to Magee campus, and then it was interview time!

however, it wasnt just as simple as that, the train was actually 2 trains, I had to drive to the train station as it is miles from home and then the taxi driver was only on his second day so surprisingly didnt know how to go where I needed to go and so asked for directions.

Despite the slight initial fiasco of the taxi drivers skills as he is new to the job, he was a complete gentleman and checked the building was correct before leaving me off as it was raining and he wanted me to look well for my interview and not be impersonating a drenched rat struggling with an A1 portfolio.

The interview went really well (I think) I really enjoyed it, and hearing about the course as it is a new course and so those in it’s first year will in effect shape it.

hopefully I shall hear soon as to how it went from the POV of the university.


Frances Wadsworth-Jones is an artist who has recently created a fabulous collection of jewellery inspired by pigeon droppings that she has named ‘heaven sent’ based on the idea that a pigeon dropping can be seen as lucky.

She is turning what is seen as disgusting and not something you would want on your person into something that is actually quite attractive. it is an interesting take on it, with surrealist overtones and reminiscent of my recent trip to Barcelona where I looked closer at the works of Dali.

besides Dali in the Dali Museum…


There was an alcove near the end of the trek round the museum in which another artists work was hidden. I assume this is a temporary exhibition, but the works there was quite interesting to look at, the use of colour varied with some presenting as far more colourful and textured from others.

Matt Lamb’s works made me wonder if I have chosen the right pathway choices at tech, and Dali made me debate taking Jewellery back on as well. But I think if their art can make me think and reflect more closely on my on artistic pathway then this can only be a good thing and lead to greater advances on my part.

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Dali Museum in Barcelona.


I found this museum almost by accident. I had my lonely planet guide and was hunting for the Picasso Museum and realised I was near to one about Dali (it was evening, dark and I was sure I was near a cathedral, but as to which side of it… well that was the issue)

a bit of help later thanks to my Spanish A Level and I found this little gem of a place.

the main entrance doesn’t quite do the place justice as to the art hidden within, it would be easy enough to miss this place and not notice it at all.

A tip when it comes to Barcelona in general, but especially when you are in an art gallery and might get a little lost in thought as you gaze at all the works is to have your bag round your front, as professional bag thieves operate everywhere!

The museum itself was open late-ish so was handy for an evening visit, especially as many  smaller (non-tourist) places don’t really serve dinner till after 8 (and these small restaurants a bit further from las ramblas tend to be cheaper and less busy)

As it was January when I went, it was pretty empty and so you are free to really get a feel for the place, and can plonk yourself anywhere to look at things properly.

it houses a wide range of works, from ceramics, sculpture, line drawings and paintings so there really is something for everyone. The only major flaw to the place was the ‘gift’ shop. I had hoped to find a reasonably priced book on Dali, or even a guide to the museum, as had been the case in many other spots in Barcelona for other artists, but the selection available isnt great, and as is usually the case many of those for sale can be easily bought online for a much cheaper price (and with wifi free in mcdonalds or your hotel, you can order it, have it delivered to your house and so you can skip all the hassle of juggling it as part of your luggage in the airport)

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I’ve been away for a wee while, and I’m sorry for that. I wasn’t too well around Christmas and it has knocked me somewhat to the extent that I nearly didnt get to Barcelona and had to take medical letters etc through the airport, so it was a tad more stressful than a holiday needs to be.

I was away with a friend and the plan was to see the works of Gaudi (as I’ve always been interested in his works from as far back as sixth form in school)



of course, no trip of mine is complete without Greg my travelling teddy, seen here in his scrubs and holding a little xray film. He was a present from a friend while I was studying Radiography and despite going to see if there was an artist suit available in my local build a bear he has stayed firmly in his scrubs.

while there I decided it couldnt all be about Gaudi and so I visisted the Picasso Museum (free entry for students with a student card!) and also one for Dali and Joan Miro.

I will post the pictures slowly but surely as I think some of this work really has to be shared and seen, it was awe inspiring.