Coil Pots











20131107_111045 20131107_111050


I really enjoyed making coil pots in class, I had drawn up a few designs as to what i would like before class, but of course I didn’t stick rigidly to it as I wanted to experiment and I will go back to the initial designs once I’ve got a hang of the technique to a level I’m happy with (even though it is quite basic)

I’m still struggling a little with the clay as I find it hard to work with at times as it can be hard to mould and shape when I’ve not a great deal of upper body strength and when I find the clay very tough initially.

I did enjoy coil pots a bit more than the pinch pots as with coil pots I was able to take smaller pieces and roll them into coils and with the pinch pots I needed a bit more muscle strength.


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