Halloween at my house…


Pumpkins were carved, one of Mickey Mouse another that was meant to be Jack Skellington but I left it to my sister and so a slightly different version of what I drew occurred

DSCF1977 DSCF1978.

Bailey my Dog didnt seem all that impressed to be honest.



but I’ve spent all week on the run up to halloween helping kids to carve their own pumpkins, so in my defence I was kind of carved out.

pumpkin and me

They were ok, but nothing compared to my pumpkins last year:



Decorations where placed an Sally my life size skeleton was prepared to meet and greet any trick or treaters (of which there were none, or sally scared them off…) Sally is anatomically a male, but has a thing for wigs and is affectionately known as as Sally and for this Halloween was having a wee drink, rocking her pink wig and reading Shakespeare. I would hazard a guess that dressing Sally could be defined as fashion research.





I came back from a medical appointment to find my friend Kenji waiting and he was waiting outside to surprise me and so I finished up an eventful day in which i also walked about town with zombie face paint, singing along to one of my favourite movies The Nightmare before Christmas.



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