Markethill Cows – Kevin Killen


I was passing by Markethill today fighting bad cross winds to get home when I decided to stop when i saw the site of the Cow sculptures I usually see as I pass. It occurred to me that i’ve never really given them more than a passing glance so I stopped and got up close and personal which received quite a few odd looks from passing drivers on the main road.

DSCF1955 DSCF1956 DSCF1958 DSCF1959


Kevin Killen is a Northern Irish artist who specialises in sculpture with a more hands on appriach mixed with his own imagination. His Markethill sculpture is known as Mother with Young and is part of a rejuvenation project for local areas and is an homage to the farming background of this market village.  The cows themselves have very angular shapes within as part of their outline and this helps contrast to the more rounded atmosphere of a mother and its young. You can also see the village through the cows which helps place the significance of the cows to the village as it is a place where you can buy and sell cows. It is almost an advertisement of sorts.



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