Pinch Pots


Yesterday in sculpture and ceramics we tried creating pinch pots from clay. We were asked to experiment and see what we could come up with so that our pots were more than just a pot.

I decided to research a bit into Pinch pots and found THIS website which includes a presentation from Robyn Bican that covers areas such as texture and design elements from drawing.

I’ve included a simple guide to pinch pots below courtesy of Pinterest


personally, I found it hard to work the clay as it was quite tough, it improved with the addition of water which helped stop it from drying out and cracking as I shaped the clay. However, I found it took a lot of upper body strength when shaping the clay.

I used Pinterest to look at other deigns and decided that i wanted to create a Cookie Monster Pinch Pot.


The idea was to create a pinch pot, place it on its side and create 2 arms underneath it, one holding a cookie and use to balls of clay with small circular shapes indented into them for the eyes.

I also created a skull based pinch pot and that of one of a man, with a moustache and sticking out tongue.


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