Maria Martinez – Pottery


While researching Pinch Pots I cam across the work of Maria Martinez was a native american artist who created creations inspired by her cultural roots and reflected traditional Pueblo pottery styles.

Her work is mainly black on black, a mix of polished and bland to create a stark contrast effect. Her aunt taught her the basic skills and her family and herself continued to practice these and helped to preserve this knowledge. She was well known for creating some of the much finer pots in her area as they could be very thin and so was approached to recreate traditional Pueblo pots after parts of some were discovered during an archaeological excavation and museums around the world wanted replicas.

It took a while for her to master the process of black on black as it was a skill that was slowly dying out and for a long time she was embarrassed by some of her work, thinking it was not as good as the original ancient pots would have looked like. With some encouragement she overcame this and recieved world wide acclaim but stayed humble regardless.



images (1)



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