Vera Wang – Pleats


Vera Wang uses pleats a lot in her designs. I adore the dresses that i’ve seen designed by Vera and I love some of the more fitted mermaid tail style ones. The dark black and grey dress looks a lot like that worn by the Corpse Bride in Tim Burtons movie and is suitably gothic for a halloween type event.

As shown in her designs the pleats can be applied to cocktail dresses and full length gowns as well as tops which is something that I had debated incorporating into my designs after I had viewed work by Issey Miyake. However I think if I was to have someone model my clothes I would rather there was some  movement and a sense of emotion such as joy especially if they are modelling a wedding dress. I like the clothes to capture and reflect the personality of the person and this is best achieved by a more natural pose.

04V209590010_1 04V209590015_1 04V209590022_1 04V209680013_1 04X009650006_1 m-6-2300-3-WxwbOuBSC1lK vera-wang-black-pleated-low-racerback-gown-product-2-1388616-334426864_large_flex vera-wang-lavender-peacock-pleated-bustier-dress-product-2-1173387-342826955_large_flex


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