Tie Dye in Textiles Class



Tina and myself looking very glamorous in our overalls!

So today in class we were experimenting with dye and doing plain dyeing and tie dye as well. Once clothes were covered and gloves were on (health and safety first!) we used our plastic pots filled with dye (you can use left over plastic containers like the bottom of a chopped up bottle of water) to dip the plain cotton in.

I also had plain paper for placing my material on when I’d finished so i could store it all as one in the drying rack and also perspex on the table for working over, for ease of cleaning afterwards.

It helps to give the material a quick wash first to get rid of oils and dirt etc and it helps for the material to soak up the dye. As you can see below I picked 2 of my favourite colours blue and purple for the plain dyed material.


As i soon discovered a damp, washed material will soak up the dye faster and in a much less patchy manner.

Next was Tie Dye. First we gave our cotton (and sometimes silk) a quick wash and made sure it was damp but not soaking wet and then, to create different patterns and shapes we used rubber bands which we wound tight round the white cotton, as well as string and using buttons and other materials in some of the bound areas to create different outcomes. Then we either dipped the scrunched up material or used a brush to dab on dye.

Once finished I left my material in its bound form for 15-20 minutes.

DSCF1868 DSCF1869

After 20 minutes I gave the bound material a quick wash in water to remove excess dye (but not all of it!) and undid the plastic bands etc and laid them out to dry (as shown below)

DSCF1870 DSCF1871 DSCF1872 DSCF1873 DSCF1874


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