Annie Vought


Annie Vought is a artist who does concrete and abstract paper art.

I like the idea of floating words out of context. i have noticed a theme appearing in my research in that I like works that can be out of context, not necessarily abstract but different. While I appreciate the art of artists like Monet and Picasso, I do find myself drawn to more contemporary art.



there is something incredible about how she turns the blood vessels into an art piece. the variation of colours and the representation of such vital components of the human body carefully crafted individually. We focus as a society a lot on outer beauty and yet inner beauty is so important and how we feel. Confidence will shine through and it shows. I would like to use this as a stepping stone into delving into research for my theme next year. I like the idea of inner beauty, but not only how people feel and this reflecting on themselves but also the beauty of people’s internal workings.





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