Yu Jinyoung


Korean artist Yu Jinyoung who creates ‘invisible’ people. Her works tend to invoke the feelings of fear, alienation and angst usually experienced during adolescence.

tumblr_mtqs92NkdB1r9hn2oo1_500 tumblr_mtqs92NkdB1r9hn2oo2_500

for anyone interested in her work I can save you the hassle of further research by following THIS to an interview she did that was translated which gives her own account of her works compared to mine below.

Her works are an interesting reflection on modern life as well, we have become ever more connected by social media and despite this are also more isolated than ever before for example on the London underground where everyone sits silently almost ignoring each other.

You could be working somewhere for a year and yet your colleagues don’t really know you. You are invisible, a shallow existence shown through the almost complete transparency of the figures. Their expressionless features are creepy, they are holding back their emotions or swallowing their tears. Despite the overwhelming urge to comfort these figures their is also the subtle undertone of their wish to be left alone as well. an uncomfortable juxtaposition for the viewer.


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