The Eye Tree


I saw this image doing the rounds on tumblr and I believe the original source is wuvves on tumblr.



I was intrigued at this images, people always say the walls have ears and this is clearly a different take on it with the tree that is all seeing. it actually made me reminisce a bit about Pocahontas (the disney version) and Grandmother Willow.



but it also reminded me of how people have used trees for love messages throughout the ages.

article-2151578-13591406000005DC-933_306x423 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

Trees also act as the symbol of life going back to wiccan and pagan traditions with the tree of life

download (1)


which then led me to think about Gustav Klimt and his Tree of life painting…



There is ALOT more to trees than just a simple tree and this might be something I would like to look further into for my final project.









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