Sebastien Millon


Sebastien Millon is an artist, his work is quite playful and childlike playing with humour. For some his work is a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I personally love it even though it is quite simplistic, but I think that is part of the beauty. This isn’t artwork really for your wall to impress you friends, it is more like the art-y imagery that you would have on your t-shirt or backpack. Regardless, he is worth checking out. I plan to research pop culture in art but also the art of t shirt imagery as there is a rise in popularity of sites such as TeefuryQwertee and Teebusters who utilise artistic representation of popular fandoms to sell t shirts.

6_860 coffee9x12etsy_860 coffeetime12x18etsy_860 dangerbear copy_860 mirrhuge copy_860 sharkieweb_860 tumblr_mq2z02JgZi1qjuwqao1_400


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