Rachel Ducker


Rachel Ducker is an artist who creates beautiful sculptures out of wire as well as wire line drawings. She also creates jewellery and has made items for Thom Yorke.

her site also includes a few samples of her drawings and paintings which it is obvious she uses as a point of reference for some of her work. I need to follow her example and do more working out for my work in future and I like the fact that she is very versatile with various mediums.

Her wire line art reminds me of Picasso cubism and the sculptures show the elegance of human movement with the sculpture that is half in the ground is suggestive of how humans despite modernisation are always close to nature to some extent.

homepageimage img (1) img (2) img (3) img (4) img (5) img (6) img (7) img (8) img (9) img (10) img


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