Kevin Francis Gray


Kevin Francis Gray is an artist from Northern Ireland who lives in London. I’ve included a photoset of my favourite example of his work.

This is Ghost Girl.

The work has a touch of innocence with the virginal white of the figure, and the dangling beads have a touch of the 1920s flapper style giving a slight nostalgic theme but also when you look closer could also represent hiding from the world or tears, as upon closer examination you can see that the figure has no face but a skull and self harm like scars on her arms. You have to really examine and get close to these figures to get a true understanding of them and to appreciate them. I like this style of engaging the viewer where more thought has to be put into the experience. it is engaging but also unnerving as it i quite intimate and personal as well as macabre.

kevin-francis-gray_2 kfg5 tumblr_lz0cjaSbOg1qbzda1 tumblr_mobiakiWHq1qbkx0lo1_500 tumblr_mobiakiWHq1qbkx0lo2_500 tumblr_mobiakiWHq1qbkx0lo3_500 tumblr_mobiakiWHq1qbkx0lo4_500


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