Josero Mussi


Josero Mussi is a chilian artist who lives in Berlin. He mainly does work involving fashion-esque pictures with interesting embroidery over them.

tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o1_500 tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o2_500 tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o3_500 tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o4_500 tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o5_500 tumblr_mttq92dt4V1rsnzy2o6_500


the images are an interesting mix of media, and definitely a novel way to use up any old magazines you have just lying around. I really like the juxtaposition of the colours with the black and white background,but also the potentially deeper meaning behind the images. In that the model industry, although models feature prominently in adverts, they are nameless for the most part and almost just as much a product to be used as the product they advertise. Their lack of faces in theses images covered up by a different image is a interesting take on this idea.

The final two images are very reminiscent of the imagery of Dia de los Muertos bring a more macabre feeling to the set of images despite dia de los muertos being a celebration of life through the remembrance of the dead. It acts as a reminder of our own mortality.

Josero Mussi has also branched out into collage (however I much prefer his embroidery work)

ghost prueba collage  bord.1


A theme that seems to feature heavily in his work is that of the lack of faces in the figures he includes and the macabre black and white that features repeatedly. His work does not invoke feelings of happiness, more morbid curiosity however they are still aesthetically pleasing. 


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