Ed Fairburn


Ed Fairburn is a freelance artist who does mainly figurative work. he paints, draws and constructs on a wide range of surface media.

If life drawings and old maps are things you like then his work is definitely for you!

DSC_0016resize edfairburn-map-portraits-05 edfairburn-map-portraits-07 tumblr_mql8jzlz551qbkx0lo1_500 (1) tumblr_mql8jzlz551qbkx0lo2_500 tumblr_mql8jzlz551qbkx0lo3_500 tumblr_mql8jzlz551qbkx0lo4_500 tumblr_mql8jzlz551qbkx0lo5_500

I had hoped to try drawing on a variety of surfaces with a detailed background, though I was thinking more of a newspaper I can see the attraction of using an old map. The idea of a renewal of sorts with old becoming something new, different and exciting.

There is something almost ethereal about his work especially in those figures who have their eyes closed. The portraits seem almost like a intimate glance into their lives aided by the fact that some are only partially see as if emerging from the very map they are drawn onto.



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