Charlotte Caron


Charlotte Caron is an artist who works with pain on photos to create beautiful images of people and animals. Causing a sense of dual personality, almost linking back to Shamanism and the spiritual idea of animal spirit guides. With the human and animal nature bleeding and blending into each other.

Her influence for this work was Antoine Spire a French intellectual,

tumblr_mnose8qHAs1rv33k2o2_500 tumblr_mnose8qHAs1rv33k2o3_500 tumblr_mnose8qHAs1rv33k2o4_500 tumblr_mnose8qHAs1rv33k2o5_500

I choose her as an artist to look at the work of not only because of my attraction to the juxtaposition of the animal and human characteristics but also her acrylic work on anatomy.

oeil1 oreille


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