Concealed within


The theme for our work in class is concealed within and will be from now until Christmas

I did some brainstorming…



and thought the idea of using the same paper cut out from my attempt at a tree would make good roots, act as a mind map and also relate to my theme.

DO NOT TRY IT WITH SCISSORS AS  DID… I couldn’t find my cutting mat and craft knife and so it ended up more blunt in places than I would have liked.

I thought of masks, anatomy, mental health, truth and lies, secret selves, hidden desires and wants, nature etc

I’ve ended up with the idea of science. I love anatomy and science in general, it seemed like a good combination to try and so I’m hoping to do some work based on microscopic elements of nature such as cells, DNA etc as you see a fly and don’t see anything particularly beautiful, however concealed at a microscopic level you can see imagery and patterns such as these.

47 280806_flyeye



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