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My cats decided to help with my art…


The other day while working with inks on paper, just creating experimental splashes and the likes, the cats decided to help and so became stamps of sorts.

Here is Ben modelling his impression of Picasso.

20131026_115359 20131026_115420 20131026_115506


So as a poor student I am of course helpful for all help I can get and my pets were certainly helpful and I think paw prints will be used again. Also I have discovered a washing line is a very good way of drying my work if I don’t mind it running a bit.

20131026_115519 20131026_115522


Halloween Homework – Environmental Sculpture


DSCF1916 DSCF1918


My ‘homework’ for this halloween is to create an environmental sculpture. I was hoping to make something from driftwood and did head up the road to Newcastle, but stopped in newry due to the wind and ended up in B&Q checking out bits and bobs and getting spray paint and a mini hack saw.

The above are sculptures created by myself and the family previously as part of my grans garden. I wanted to do something different so was going to use driftwood, and maybe make a sand sculpture, but it will have to wait until I can travel safely.

Print work mixed with papercraft


I decided that as part of my work with prints I wanted to try and mix it up a little and so I took a picture from an advert and used up some of my scraps of printed paper. While doing this I also had plain coloured card underneath so I could do the cutting out once instead of twice and this was the result.

DSCF1963 DSCF1965 DSCF1966


Once the paper craft bug had struck I kept going and with the aid of a book on paper craft was inspired to make the following.



It now takes pride of place amongst my paper craft research in my personal response book. it was very fiddly to complete. I had hoped to use the leftover pieces that were cut out for a contrasting piece but it wasn’t possible this time.

Markethill Cows – Kevin Killen


I was passing by Markethill today fighting bad cross winds to get home when I decided to stop when i saw the site of the Cow sculptures I usually see as I pass. It occurred to me that i’ve never really given them more than a passing glance so I stopped and got up close and personal which received quite a few odd looks from passing drivers on the main road.

DSCF1955 DSCF1956 DSCF1958 DSCF1959


Kevin Killen is a Northern Irish artist who specialises in sculpture with a more hands on appriach mixed with his own imagination. His Markethill sculpture is known as Mother with Young and is part of a rejuvenation project for local areas and is an homage to the farming background of this market village.  The cows themselves have very angular shapes within as part of their outline and this helps contrast to the more rounded atmosphere of a mother and its young. You can also see the village through the cows which helps place the significance of the cows to the village as it is a place where you can buy and sell cows. It is almost an advertisement of sorts.


Maria Martinez – Pottery


While researching Pinch Pots I cam across the work of Maria Martinez was a native american artist who created creations inspired by her cultural roots and reflected traditional Pueblo pottery styles.

Her work is mainly black on black, a mix of polished and bland to create a stark contrast effect. Her aunt taught her the basic skills and her family and herself continued to practice these and helped to preserve this knowledge. She was well known for creating some of the much finer pots in her area as they could be very thin and so was approached to recreate traditional Pueblo pots after parts of some were discovered during an archaeological excavation and museums around the world wanted replicas.

It took a while for her to master the process of black on black as it was a skill that was slowly dying out and for a long time she was embarrassed by some of her work, thinking it was not as good as the original ancient pots would have looked like. With some encouragement she overcame this and recieved world wide acclaim but stayed humble regardless.



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